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You're facing a situation that will no doubt be a turning point for the rest of your life. It's possible that your family is dealing with more stress, headaches, and changes than they deserve. You might feel like it's all your fault. However, we can turn things around in a positive direction and protect your future. Contact Bankruptcy Information in Oklahoma City, OK, for a FREE consultation.

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Before specific government changes in bankruptcy, Chuck Moss had handled over 2,000 cases. Since changes in 2005, he's handled over 2,000 more. One call gets you all the experience you need and more.

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Everyone who files for bankruptcy is required to take two counseling classes. Don't worry, they are very simple and easy, and they can be taken online or by phone. The first course will take place prior to filing for bankruptcy.

The second course happens after filing. Each course take roughly 2 hours.

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