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Is Chapter 7 bankruptcy the right choice for you? Chapter 7 was created for people who are having financial difficulties and are unable to re-pay certain debts. It depends on your monthly household gross income, but it is likely you can keep most of your assets such as retirement accounts and pensions. Contact Bankruptcy Information in Oklahoma City, OK, for a FREE consultation.

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Chuck Moss, your bankruptcy attorney serving the southern Oklahoma area, is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. He's handled over 3,000 cases, and he can give you expert help with your case.

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Court cost for Chapter 7 are $335.00, Chuck Moss charges $1065.00 for a total of $1400.00. You must do a credit counseling class before you file, costing $15.00 and a finacial management class, after you file costing $9.00. There are no other fees.

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